You’ve Heard of Disinfecting With UV Light, but Not Like This….

If you did not know about the properties of UV light useful for disinfecting air and surfaces prior to the COVID pandemic, you likely know about it now.  During the pandemic, World-wide demand for cost-effective and safe disinfectants and anti-viral devices skyrocketed resulting in new discoveries and uses for UV light that has produced a cornucopia of UV devices.  Applications include household items like UV phone cleaners and toilet brushes as well as commercial HVAC and lighting equipment.

Most of these products use UV-C light, the form of UV with the shortest wavelength and highest energy,  followed by UV-B, and finally UV-A, the “weakest” type with the longest wavelength).

However, while UV-C light and UV-B are effective at killing viruses, they can also harm humans who are exposed to these wavelengths for extended periods of time.  Such adverse effects include skin burns, premature aging, and eye damage.  Such damage is considered to be carcinogenic. So while UV-C may work well in certain settings, it is not practical or safe to be used to decontaminate where people may be exposed. 

However, recent developments in technology have produced far-UVC, a variant of UV-C light, that permits occupied areas to be disinfected without the exposure risk to humans. What sets far-UVC apart from its forebear is that it operates at a longer wavelength (like UV-A light) while still sustaining the energy needed to kill harmful microorganisms. In short (or “long” in this case), far-UVC is safe for human applications while being deadly to unwanted viruses and bacteria. 

Medical facilities are eager to integrate this new technology to combat the spread of infections amongst patients and staff. At Carehub®, we are proud to announce that each new Carehub® facility will be incorporating far-UVC into its HVAC and lighting systems. We are committed to providing primary care physicians, specialists, and hospitals with clean, safe, medical office space at an affordable price. To learn more about how Carehub® can help your practice grow, email, or give us a call at (512) 543-2273 ext. 8.

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