Physicians Are Reimagining Their Medical Office Space. Here's Why:

As increasing vaccination rates and decreasing COVID-19 cases allow us to move toward normalcy, we are starting to see which pandemic-related adaptive changes may become permanent. One obvious example is the new culture of working from home. This silver lining from what has been a dark pandemic has demonstrated that working from home is not only possible, but many employees and employers would say it’s preferable. Even employers who would usually prefer to have their employees under one roof are faced with the fact that working from home can increase productivity.  This acknowledgement has resulted in a spiked demand from employers for shorter-term, flexible office coworking and enterprise space so that they can offer employees a choice to work from an office, home, or both. 

Similarly, physician practices need flexible, short-term medical office space in order to offer patients the choice of being seen in an office or from home via telemedicine. Today, most physicians anticipate seeing up to 38% of their patients using telemedicine, as compared to less than 1% who used telemedicine pre-COVID.

Furthermore, with the mass consolidation of primary care physicians in the U.S. and predicted shortages in primary care practitioners, independent medical specialists are appropriately concerned about the source of +/- 40% of their referrals.

As as result of these new realities, physicians, especially independent physicians, are now asking important questions:

“Does it make sense for me to lease the same amount of medical office space as I did pre-COVID, when up to 38% of my patients are now being seen from home?”

“Does it make sense for me to lock into a 5 to 10 year lease when future referral patterns are unsecure?”  

Especially for physicians who desire to remain independent and flexible, now is the time for medical office coworking space. Medical office landlords and developers must rethink traditional medical office space to create flexible space that strengthens referring relationships between primary care and specialty physicians.  Furthermore, medical office coworking space will remove the barriers to entry and the expensive out-of-pocket capital costs for physicians who might otherwise have considered opening new locations.  

Carehub Coworking, LLC was launched in 2020 in order to offer flexible medical office space options to physicians. 

At Carehub® Coworking, we are committed to providing physicians with medical office space at a 70% to 85% discount compared to the cost of full-time space, with no long-term contracts, and no upfront out-of-pocket capital costs.  To learn more about how Carehub® can help your practice, give us a call at (512) 543-CARE Ext. 8 or email

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