Healthcare Real Estate in a Post-COVID Market

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Colin Carr in Medical Economics:

"The pandemic has affected the vast majority of healthcare practices and brought a reason for every provider to revisit both the physical footprint of their facilities and the economic terms of their lease or mortgage. But despite the obvious challenges, the healthcare real estate market has remained as resilient as any other commercial sector, thanks to long-term leases, exceptionally minimal default rates, stable occupancy, low interest rates and in-demand tenants.

One of the most positive impacts we’ve seen is the desire for landlords to work with healthcare buyers and tenants specifically on new leases and especially on lease renewal negotiations. Medical providers represent some of the strongest and most highly sought-after prospects for a landlord or seller, both financially and professionally, and are considered low risk as compared to traditional office or retail users."

While we wholeheartedly agree with Colin’s statement that doctors should find broker representation who is a specialist in healthcare real estate and that landlords today are willing to offer attractive lease terms and higher finish allowances to doctors willing to sign ten year leases, we are compelled to ask the question:  Is there an alternative solution that both solves for the high cost to build-out medical office space, yet offers short-term flexible lease terms?

Carehub does.

At Carehub® Coworking, we believe that any physician who wants to remain independent should have the option to do so and that’s why we are committed to providing physicians with medical office space at a 70% to 85% discount to the cost of full-time space. To learn more about how Carehub® can help your practice, give us a call at (512) 543-CARE Ext. 8 or email   Ask about our 3 month introductory/no obligation membership.

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