Healthcare Mergers See an All Time High in 2021

Every year, new trends wax and wane in the healthcare industry, and 2021 has been no different. For instance, this past year has seen over 3000 M&As, propelled by investors pouring into the healthcare sector at all levels. August alone saw 252 of the new deals. While many of the deals involve tech and pharmaceutical companies, some of the largest deals, financially speaking, happened amongst hospitals and practices. 

While these M&As may be the path to larger profits for companies like Spectrum Health and Babylon Health, it does not do so without repercussions for the smaller practices. As healthcare provider groups grow exponentially, independent physicians are left to few options, if any, to keep their business afloat. Many are kept from working with patients outside of the range of their existing office because they can’t compete with the marketing tools and office space that a larger healthcare group would have. 

Carehub Coworking® is helping independent physicians from being edged out by providing affordable and fully equipped medical office space. We carefully select locations in areas around busy city-centers to give physicians ways to meet patients outside of their downtown practices. With us, doctors only pay only for the time and space they need. To learn more about how CarehubⓇ Coworking could help your practice grow, call us at (512) 543-2273 or email


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