Google Is Updating Its Search Function to Highlight Accessibility Information About Providers

In a blog post published last week by Google, the tech giant unveiled its plan to institute new tools in its search functionality that would help patients find providers that would be the best fit. Patients will be able to filter search results by things such as what insurance the provider takes and what languages they speak (including ASL). 

Hema Budaraju, the senior director of Product, Health & Search Social Impact at Google Search stated “Navigating the U.S. healthcare system can be quite challenging, so it’s no wonder three in four people turn to the internet first in their search for health information. By providing timely and authoritative health information, plus relevant resources and tools on Google Search, we’re always exploring ways to help people make more informed choices about their health.” This will also reportedly include “helping people find information to self-assess their symptoms for mental health conditions like depression...[and] getting real time information of COVID-19 vaccine availability nearby…”  If you are a provider and want to create or edit your business’s profile, you can follow the instructions provided by Google on their Profile Help page.

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