Blockchain Technology For Use In Healthcare Clinical Trials

The following article, "Mayo Clinic To Use Blockchain for Hypertension Clinical Trial", written by Andrea Fox and published by Healthcare IT News - Sept. 7, 2022, dives into the Mayo Clinic’s pursuit of blockchain technology to help with the management of their clinical trial studies.

“The platform will provide secure, decentralized data capture, document management, study monitoring and electronic consent for the clinical trial” according to the tech company’s announcement.  Ten research sites with more than 500 patients will participate in this hypertension clinical trial. Fox writes, “If successful, Triall hopes to collaborate further decentralized medical research with the Mayo Clinic.” 

Kali Durgampudi, CTO at Zelis shared with Healthcare IT News, that “Blockchain provides both payers and providers with complete visibility into the entire lifecycle of a claim, from the patient registering at the front desk to disputing a cost to sending an explanation of benefits.”  While it is believed that there are still some hurdles, the use of blockchain technology has successfully made its way into the healthcare community. 

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