A new step in doctor/patient communication!

Due to Covid-19, the functions of healthcare have had to drastically change to adopt new techniques to enforce CDC safety guidelines. One solution is to reduce the number of people in waiting rooms. With text applications, doctors can communicate with their patients via SMS without sharing providers’ personal phone numbers. Patients can wait in their cars until notified by text message that their doctor is ready to see them, reducing the number of patients in one area. In doing so, medical offices can run efficiently while taking safety measures to protect their patients.

With text applications, doctors can convert any number through the software to produce an SMS. This way, doctors do not need to give out their personal numbers to each patient. Another benefit of text application is that it is cloud-based, meaning that all patient communication is organized and stored in one application. This allows for a coordinated and easy technique in communicating with patients.

Carehub® Coworking partnered with a VOIP service provider at their Lakeway, TX facility that offers its members a way to communicate with patients through SMS while patients wait in their cars. 

To learn more about how this service can help your practice, please visit us out at our Lakeway, TX facility, or call 512-543-2273 (Ext. 8) for further details.

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